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Q: How do I know I am working with a top agent?

A: We have a constantly updated database of over 1 million U.S. real estate agents. Our database shows their sales record from the last 2 years in the market that you are looking to buy or sell in and we only work with agents who have proven their success through sales closed. Park Place also has established relationships with the top real estate companies and relocation directors throughout the United States and can find top agents through our relationships built over many years. You can be sure that you are working with an agent with a proven track record. If you do not like the agent that we set you up with, we can always match you with another agent.  

Q: Why would the agent rebate 15% of the real estate commission?

A: Park Place has hundreds of active real estate agents who refer out their friends and family to real estate companies all over the United States. We have a trusted name within the industry and have supplied these companies with "hot" leads over the years. Typically, companies that we refer our business to will pay us back a referral fee from the total real estate commission. With the Top Agent Rebate program, the company we refer you to will still pay back the same real estate referral fee that they typically pay us, but we will agree for them to pay you back the majority of this referral fee at closing in the form of a real estate rebate.

Q: I've never heard of Park Place Realty Network?

A: Park Place Realty Network is the leading real estate referral company and we typically work directly with real estate companies and agents, not the general public. We have over 1,000+ active real estate agents who place their real estate license with us so they can refer out their friends and family to top agents worldwide on all types of real estate transactions. Take a look at our company website here

Q: When will I get paid the real estate commission rebate?

A: The real estate company that we referred you to will rebate you back 15% of their total commission at closing. Before you close your transaction, make sure the rebate is reflected on the closing statement. Ex. if the total commission is $10,000, you should be receiving back $1,500 towards your closing costs. 

Q: You are asking if I have a Park Place Agent, do I need one to continue? 

A: Yes, you would need an active Park Place agent in order to use our rebate program. If you do not have an agent that you are working with, please give us a call at 407-205-8614 or send us an email at admin@parkplacenetwork.com and we can set you up with someone.

Q: How is it legal to pay me a part of the real estate commission if I don't have a license? 

A: If you are the 3rd party to the real estate transaction, you are legally able to collect part of the real estate commission throughout 40 U.S. states. 

Q: What do I need your company for? 

A: If you are wanting to work with a reputable real estate agent and get back 15% of their total commission, you would need us. There are over 1 million real estate agents throughout the United States. It's very hard to find which agents have a proven sales record and who does not. We have the database to find out who is selling and who is not. 

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please send us an email at rebate@parkplacenetwork.com