The Industry Leader in Connecting Real Estate Business... 

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Q: How do I know I am working with a top agent?

A: We have a database of over 1 million U.S. real estate agents. We look at their sales record from the last 2 years in the market that you are looking to handle your real estate transaction. If you do not like the agent we set you up with, we can always match you with someone new. 

Q: Why would the agent rebate 15% of the real estate commission?

A: We have a solid name in the real estate industry that we can back up. When we contact a brokerage to rebate back a portion of the real estate commission they understand that we can also send them future business from our active 600+ Park Place real estate agents. 

Q: I've never heard of Park Place Realty Network?

A: We are the leading real estate referral company and are licensed currently in the states of Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. We have over 600+ active real estate agents who live all over the world. These agents specialize in real estate referrals only and refer out their friends and family to top real estate agents all over the world. Take a look at our company website here