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I was in the market to buy a home and I found this company online. I was wary at first but after talking with them and then doing some research I found that they have been in the business for many years as a successful real estate company with a very great reputation, this is just a program to their larger business. Anyway, they connected me with a very nice agent with KW who found me a great home. Through this free program I received back around $2,500 to help pay my closing costs. It was a no-brainer to use this company, I needed a good agent, they found one and paid me for it. 

Derek Lewis

Knoxville, TN

Joanie and myself were in the market to buy a new home in the Jacksonville, Florida area. Our son Scott has his real estate license with this company Park Place Realty and told us that he could get us over to a qualified agent that can give back part of their real estate commission. Scott set us up with a qualified agent with Coldwell Banker who found us the perfect home and paid us a portion of the real estate commission at closing. Thank you Scott and Park Place Realty for your wonderful program.

John & Joanie Hoffner

Jacksonville, FL

Me and my wife needed to purchase a home in Seattle and did not know of any agents there. We came across this website and it worked out great. Park Place did a great job at setting us up with a great agent who assisted us in the entire transaction in this crazy market. The agent rebated us part of the commission like originally told.  

Benjamin Phillips

Seattle, WA

I heard about Park Place several years ago when I use to have my real estate license. I don't have the license anymore so I was not able to get as much as I could have. I came across this new program they have and it still worked out very good. They connected me with one of their agents who gave me back a piece of the commission. The agent was very good to work with and obviously getting money back is always good. I used the money to purchase some new furniture. If I ever get my license back I would love to work with you guys one day. 

Jose Almas

Altamonte Springs, FL

My son was a first time home buyer in Atlanta, GA. He's never purchased a home before and was nervous about the transaction. I wanted to help so I did some research online about real estate agents. I cam across this company and it worked out perfect. I let them know the details on what my son was loking to do and they handled the rest. They got him to a great agent with Coldwell Banker who did an outstanding job that gave him back $1,500 at closing. saved me a lot of time and hassle. 5 stars from me!***** 

Doris Parker

Savannah, GA

I went through 2 other real estate agents and they were not working out so I went to google to see how I could connect with a legit agent. I found this company and they set me up with an agent that was very reputable. Within 2 weeks I found the condo I was looking for and wrote an offer and closed within a few weeks. I would say everything went great. I would recommend their service. 

Mike Schaffer

Ft. Myers, FL

I'm so glad I found this company before I sold my home in Fresno, California. I'm not from this area so I did not know which Realtors are good or bad. Park Place set me up with the SUPER AGENT in my area who was able to sell my home over the listing price. They had a agreement with this Realtors company to pay me back a few thousand at closing just for using them. Great concept!  

Susan Lee

Fresno, CA

Me and my husband needed to sell our home so we reached out to our friend Jeff who was with a company called Park Place Realty. Jeff mentioned to us before that he could make sure we were working with the best real estate agents in our area. I gave Jeff the details of our sale and within 24 hours one of the "popular" agents in our area contacted me about listing our home. They were even able to pay us 15% of their commission at the closing table with Jeff's affiliation. We will definitely be reaching out to Jeff for our future real estate transactions. 

Mike & Sandra Gleason

Lenoir, NC

My friend Kurt worked for Park Place and told me about this program they had as I was short on my down payment to purchase a home. Glad he told me about it as this additional money helped with my closing costs. My agent with Keller Williams did a stellar job and rebated me the commission at closing. 

Zak Beasley

Sanford, FL

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