The Industry Leader in Connecting Real Estate Business... 

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Get Connected with the Top Agents in the Industry

Park Place specializes in real estate referrals. Once we have your information, we can then do the research to find out who the top real estate agents are in your market with our database of over 1 million real estate agents. We will connect you with a top agent in your market who will rebate you back a portion of their real estate commission once your transaction closes. 


Make 15% of the Total Gross Real Estate Commission

The U.S. Dept of Justice legally allows real estate companies to rebate a portion of the real estate commission in 40 U.S. States back to the 3rd party of the real estate transaction. We have the connections with the top real estate companies throughout the U.S.

who will pay you back a portion of their real estate commission. Park Place has the leverage to get you back a portion of the real estate commission with these top real estate companies as we are the leading real estate referral company. We have over 800+ active Park Place Realty Network real estate agents who refer out their friends and family of all types of real estate sales to top real estate agents worldwide, these companies are appreciative of our business back to them. As long as you are in one of the U.S. states that allows a real estate rebate, we will get a top brokerage in your market to rebate you back 15% of the total gross real estate commission at closing. 


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