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Buying the Perfect Winter Home in South Florida

Purchasing a second home is something many people only dream of. However, for those who are lucky enough to call this their reality, many obligations come with the privilege. Buying the perfect winter home in South Florida is a dream come true. Nevertheless, make sure to understand all that it entails so that you can sort everything out in time to enjoy your new getaway spot.

Be honest with yourself about what you're looking for

One of the biggest mistakes people unconsciously make while buying the perfect winter home in South Florida is not being honest with themselves. You need to thoroughly and in detail think about every little aspect and sort out your expectations. Ideally, you'll do this before hiring an agent to guide your purchase. Being direct and honest will, simply put, raise your chances of getting it.

What's your budget?

Of course, the most important factor that'll decide how you'll buy the perfect winter home in South Florida is your budget. Make sure to do your research and inform yourself of everything you'll need to fulfill to qualify for a second home purchase in SF. Currently, the market in South Florida is pretty tight and strict. Future homeowners need to not only be pre-qualified but also pre-approved. What's more, the chances are that you'll need to compete for a home you're interested in, so it's best to set up your boundaries straight away.

Being thoroughly familiar with your budget and what you should expect given the particular market will set you up for success. The second step you should take is discussing this with your RE agent and your lender. Typically, getting approved for a second home is preconditioned by having a 10% to 20% down payment. This is because banks find the purchase of a second home generally riskier.

Best locations for a winter home in South Florida

Although you won't make a mistake no matter where you find a winter home in SH, you should try to look for the perfect spot before you begin your search for properties. Here are some great options that people love both during the winter days and over the summer.

● Miami

● Fort Lauderdale

● Sarasota

● Naples

Get connected with the best RE agent

During this project, the best decision you'll make is hiring a real estate agent. It's also a decision that could make or break the whole thing, so you need to choose carefully. Seeing how there are many potential candidates in SH, you should try to vet them. The best way to be sure that you've found a reliable company is to get some help for your search.

How we can help

If you wish to get started and find a home quickly, you'll need to have a good team by your side. This will not only save you time, but it'll save you money as well. We are one of the leading companies that specialize in RE referrals. What this means is that, once you've given us all your information, we'll find the best possible agent for you and connect you with them. However, that's not all. Our affiliation has made it possible for you to get a 15% rebate which will save you quite a bit. You can then put this money back into your home and spruce it up or spend it in whichever way you deem fit.

Buying the perfect winter home in South Florida long distance

If you decide to purchase a home in SF long distance, some potential difficulties could arise. However, stating this alongside your information will give us some time to find you a RE agent experienced with long-distance work. From there on out, they'll guide you through the necessary steps.

Additional things agents can help with

Of course, the agents that we find will do much more than just find you a home. We connect people with top real estate agents so that their home purchases can go smoothly and without any fuss.

● Estimating the costs

Whether you're wondering about taxes on second homes or another financial aspect of a home purchase, your RE agent has seen it all.

● Get you a better deal

Depending on your priorities and goals regarding your home purchase, your RE agents will strive to get you the best deal there is.

● Sort out all the paperwork

The tedious paperwork is the last thing anyone wants to deal with while buying the perfect winter home in South Florida. You won't have to do anything but sign if you have a trustworthy agent by your side.

Pack your things and move

Whether you're relocating to South Florida for the winter or longer, you'll need to move your belongings. Luckily, hiring professional packers to help you pack your possessions in no time and transport them shouldn't be a problem.

Hire a home inspector

Of course, once we've connected you with the perfect RE agents, they'll find your future winter home quickly and efficiently. Nevertheless, you should always have your home thoroughly inspected before making any final decisions. What's more, ask your agents to help you find a trustworthy home inspector since they surely have great connections.

Hire the right movers

Florida offers great moving companies that you can consider for this job. According to Nationwide Moving Services, hiring an adequately licensed moving broker will save you a lot of stress during your relocation. If you hire movers who understand your needs and know how to fulfill them, you won't have a worry on your mind.

Rent out your home over the summer

If you're buying the perfect winter home in South Florida merely to use it over winter, why not profit from it during the summer? There's no place more versatile than Florida when it comes to seasons. If this is something you're considering, you'll have no problem renting it for a fair price.

Written by: Lisa Roberts with US Moving Experts


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