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How to Negotiate Real Estate Commissions in Florida

When purchasing real estate, one of the crucial factors is to get the best possible price. Inexperienced people may often pay more, and saving money in these situations is extremely important. But, when it comes to saving money on real estate, what is the best approach? One of the most successful strategies is to negotiate real estate commissions. The goal of this article is to teach you how!

You are about to learn how commissions work, how to connect with the best real estate agents, and all there is about types of programs at your disposal. Let's begin!

The basics of real estate commission

If you do a little research, you will discover that becoming a real estate agent has its perks. There is good money in the business. One of the most common ways that real estate agents earn their salaries is through commission. It is important that you learn how the commission works because it will give you an insight into how to negotiate a real estate commission.

First of all, only a licensed real estate agent can receive a commission. That is good to know because it puts a certain amount of trust in people with who you work. Next, not all real estate agents receive the same amount. An agent who makes a hundred deals a year will get a better commission than the one who makes 10 or 15 deals. That typically reflects in a higher split towards the agents who have a better percentage of successfully closed deals.

So, if we have a real estate broker who has 10 agents working for the agency, they will calculate everyone's share at the end of the month or on a yearly basis.

Based on that, it is also important to know that all agents charge a different commission. Better services usually cost more, and that is normal. Nevertheless, you can still negotiate a real estate commission and get a good deal. You have area or neighborhood experts, agents who just started working, part-time real estate agents, the categories go on and on. That is why every agent charges a different fee.

Why agents may refuse to negotiate real estate commissions?

Every once in a while, you will run into an agent who will refuse to negotiate real estate commissions. At first, you might think that is not good business, but there are more angles to that story. If we take into consideration that not all agents earn the same, that commission is worth a lot to them. Furthermore, if an agent has a lot of work, he or she will also pass on the bargain since it can be a waste of time. If the money is good, and there are a lot of deals, there is no reason to negotiate, they set the terms.

Also, they might think that the word may spread around the neighborhood, and everyone will know that they are willing to negotiate. That means that everyone can get a lower fee.

Look for homes in a good area

One of the first advice I can give you is to look for homes in areas suitable for negotiations. Crowded cities with high prices are usually not suggested, but that doesn't mean that you cannot make a bargain even there. However, if you look for places in cities where the demand is lower, you might find a better deal. Today we will talk about Deland and Titusville.


Here you will find plenty of beautiful homes at affordable prices. Furthermore, Deland relocation can be fast and simple. When it comes to negotiating real estate commissions, Deland has a good dollar volume, market mobility, and ease of sale. All of those are crucial factors that will help you negotiate real estate commissions.


Another city suitable for negotiations is Titusville. If you are looking for assistance when trying to settle in Titusville, FL, it is essential to get ahold of a good real estate agent. You can do that in a couple of ways:

• research the internet

• ask friends and family for recommendations

• browse the real estate adds

• hire a real estate referral company

What is a real estate referral company?

Even though all of the listed options are useful, hiring a real estate referral company is my best pick. There are many advantages to real estate referral programs, and it is crucial to understand how they work. In simple words, referral companies connect buyers and sellers. If you are looking for a house to buy or sell, you can easily get in touch with licensed real estate agents, and see multiple house listings. These two things are crucial if you wish to negotiate real estate commissions.

Buying and selling at the same time

If you are looking to sell your old place and buy a new one, that is a good chance to negotiate. It is smart to have the same agent for both deals. That way, he or she will realize the potential of a good deal and may be willing to come down on the commission.

Referral programs

Let's say that you are looking for a new home. At the same time, you have a friend who is looking to sell. You can make a deal with your agent to get a lower commission for your deal if your friend signs a contract for his deal with your agent. By referring a friend, you are getting a better price. That is why it is crucial to find top real estate agents in your area.

Look for new agents

Another way to negotiate real estate commissions is to look for newer agents in the business. Since they are "fresh out of school", they may be willing to make deals in order to build their reputation and get some customers.

Staging a home and installing a lockbox

You should do everything you can to help your agent to make a deal. If you are able to vacate the place early, have it staged, and install a lockbox, they can visit at any time. And, it is a lot easier to sell a home wherein no one lives. In return, your agent might agree to negotiate on a commission.

Advantages of an off-peak season

Understand that the demand is lower during the off-peak season. If an agent can make a deal when there are no customers on the market, they will agree to all kinds of negotiations.

Always look for experts

If there is one thing I want you to remember from this article, that is to always look for experts. Agents who know the neighborhood and have a busy schedule are good at what they do. Sure, you can always talk to multiple agents, and go back and forth, looking to negotiate real estate commissions. Nevertheless, do not lose track of what is important. Lower commissions do not always mean better service!

Written by: Lisa Roberts with US Moving Experts


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