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The Ideal Urban-Suburban Blend: Best Home-Buying Cities Near New York City in New Jersey

An "ideal urban-suburban blend" is about finding that sweet spot where the rhythm of urban life harmonizes seamlessly with the tranquility of suburban living. For many, it's a choice that hinges on the importance of community, accessibility to the vibrant pulse of NYC, and an enhanced quality of life. Here, the urban-suburban fusion isn't just a notion. It's a way of life. In the following sections, we will explore the best home-buying cities near New York City in New Jersey. These cities embody this urban-suburban ideal, each with unique charm and character. From Montclair's eclectic charm to Jersey City's urban retreat, they offer distinct flavors of the urban-suburban ideal.

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Montclair: Eclectic Charm Meets Convenience

Montclair lively arts scene and rich cultural offerings paint a vivid tableau of life's diverse possibilities for residents. The streets are alive with creativity, and art is a way of life. One of Montclair's standout features is its commuter-friendly attributes. With an array of transit options and remarkably efficient travel times to the heart of New York City, residents enjoy the best of both worlds. The proximity to NYC allows easy access to employment opportunities, cultural events, and the city lifestyle.

At the same time, education is a top priority in Montclair. The average test score of 63% is well above the national average of 48%. The average home value is an impressive $964,759, nearly doubled in the last decade, underscoring the town's investment potential. The chance of being a victim of violent crime here is 78% lower than the national average, with a year-over-year crime decrease of 12%.

Hawthorne Is One Of The Best Home-Buying Cities Near New York City in New Jersey

Hawthorne, New Jersey, is an appealing destination for homebuyers seeking tranquility without sacrificing convenience. With the average home value sitting at $846,984, a slight dip of 1.8% over the past year, it is a potentially wise investment for savvy buyers. Safety is a notable perk, as Hawthorne's violent crime rate is significantly lower at 128 cases, compared to New York City's 364 and the national average of 388, offering peace of mind for residents.

Residents enjoy a harmonious balance of peaceful residential areas and indispensable amenities, ensuring necessities are well within reach. Goffle Brook Park presents a slice of outdoor bliss, perfect for leisurely weekends. Local eateries provide residents with flavors that satisfy various palates, with calendars dotted with community events that foster a sense of belonging.

Education in Hawthorne shines with schools that pride themselves on academic excellence. Average test scores here are high, reflecting the community's commitment to educational quality. To those ready to move here, Hawthorne movers can assist you with a smooth transition into this welcoming community. After all, with such attributes, Hawthorne is a prime choice for those looking to put down roots near the city.

Jersey City: The Urbanite’s Retreat

High-rise living in Jersey City has a priceless view of the iconic Manhattan skyline, offering a daily dose of inspiration as you gaze across the Hudson River. Rapidly developing vicinities and community spaces define this dynamic city. Neighborhoods like The Heights, The Waterfront, and Greenville offer unique atmospheres, catering to diverse lifestyles and preferences.

With 39 public schools, families have access to diverse educational options. Moreover, there are 42 private and charter schools available, ensuring a well-rounded array of choices. One of the distinguishing factors of Jersey City is the balance it strikes between the cost of living and proximity to financial hubs. While enjoying the urban lifestyle, residents can enjoy lower living costs than New York City. It's making it an attractive choice for those who desire proximity to their workplaces without their financial stability being compromised.

Maplewood: Family-Friendly Suburbia with a Creative Twist

One of Maplewood's standout features is its emphasis on education, parks, and family-oriented events. The South Orange-Maplewood School District ensures a quality education for residents, with a student-teacher ratio of 12 to 1. State test scores reflect the district's commitment, with 33% of students proficient in math and 63% reading. Also, 61% of Maplewood residents hold a Bachelor's Degree or higher, surpassing the statewide average.

For those commuting to NYC, Maplewood offers express train connections that make the city easily accessible. With an average home value of $803,906, reflecting a 6.2% increase over the past year, the Maplewood real estate market combines affordability with potential for property value appreciation. It makes it an attractive prospect for homebuyers seeking a family-friendly suburban lifestyle with a creative twist. By connecting with the top real estate agent, explore the possibilities in this charming New Jersey town.

Westfield: Upscale Living with a Touch of History

Westfield's reputation for higher-end homes and meticulously manicured neighborhoods set the stage for an exceptional lifestyle. The town's commitment to excellence is evident in its real estate and its educational offerings. With average test scores of 76% and an impressive 97% graduation rate, Westfield's schools excel in preparing students for the future.

Westfield has a remarkably low crime rate. The total crime in Westfield is 912 per 100,000 residents. It is significantly lower than the New Jersey state average of 1,354 and the national level of 2,346. One of Westfield's prized possessions is its downtown area. It's a charming locale with shopping and dining options that transport you to a bygone era. With a median income 115% higher than the New Jersey average, Westfield offers an unparalleled suburban allure. The upscale living and historical charm converge to create a unique and desirable living experience.

The Commuter’s Checklist: What to Consider Before Buying

Before moving to one of the best home-buying cities near New York City in New Jersey, notes that there's a commuter's checklist worth considering. First and foremost, inspect neighborhoods meticulously, ensuring they align with your preferences and needs. Also, potential buyers should carefully assess the proximity to transit stations and major highways. That will significantly impact your daily commute to work and other destinations.

Equally important are the amenities available in the area. Consider whether the neighborhood offers the conveniences you require. Such as grocery stores and medical facilities. As well as recreational spaces and dining options. Researching the quality of local schools and the availability of community services can help you make an informed decision about the best place for your family. Also, it's wise to evaluate local tax rates and the potential for property value appreciation in your chosen city.


The best home-buying cities near New York City in New Jersey offer a diverse range of options for those seeking the perfect blend of urban-suburban living. As the real estate market in New Jersey continues to show promise, now is the time to seize the opportunity and find your ideal locale. Whether you prioritize proximity to NYC, excellent schools, vibrant communities, or historical charm, New Jersey has it all. So, explore and research and make an informed decision that aligns with your lifestyle and aspirations. Your dream home in the Garden State may be closer than you think.

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Author’s Bio: Michael Laurier is a seasoned writer and blogger living in the New York City metropolitan area. His in-depth knowledge of the urban-suburban dynamic in New Jersey has helped countless individuals discover the beauty of the area. When not writing, he enjoys long walks with his beloved four-legged companion, Max.


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