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This Is the Secret to Downsizing Your Home Painlessly

As your big home grows empty and keeping up with chores becomes challenging, downsizing to a smaller space starts to sound appealing. However, despite how much you’d love lower bills and less work, the prospect of packing up your life keeps you from taking the plunge.

Big beautiful home

It’s true that downsizing to a smaller home is no easy feat, but you shouldn’t let the work involved scare you away from a smart move. Not only is downsizing worthwhile, but the technology has also turned moving house into a much easier task than it used to be. Just check out these tools and resources designed to make your next move your easiest one yet.

Downsizing Resources

Downsizing is a daunting task; fortunately, modern technology can help and the resource list below can help point you in the right direction. Charge up your smartphone and prepare to take advantage of some of the best sanity-saving tricks below.

Apps for Moving: The Only List You Need

A great list of resources to use before, during and after your move.

The Top Apps and Sites for Selling Your Stuff

Declutter your home (and sell your old things) before putting your home on the market.

20-Plus Best Places to Sell Stuff Online and Paid Quickly

If you're looking to declutter and make money from the items you're purging, find out what options exist for selling your items online and locally.

5 Important Steps to Prepare Your House for Sale

Wondering how to slice into your massive task list? No worries! Use this checklist then create a feasible timeline to accomplish everything on your list. Consider setting up calendar reminders on your phone to help you stick to your goals.

Simple Tips for Impressive Real Estate Photography

Follow these tips to produce beautiful photos of your home right on your smartphone.

How to Sell Your House Online

Potential buyers flock to the internet in search of available real estate property. If you want to learn how to sell your home online, click here to learn about the options available to you.

Downsizing Resources for Seniors

Seniors face unique challenges when it comes to downsizing: they’re presented with the monumental task of moving on top of physical and emotional factors. Below is a list of resources specific to seniors to help simplify the moving process.

Learn How to Make the Moving Process Easier on Seniors

It’s important to approach the moving process with necessary sensitivity in order to reduce the emotional tension involved; learn more here.

Technology Can Help Seniors: Here’s How

While some seniors embrace technology, others may run from it. Either way, technology can help during the moving process and has many other benefits as well.

5 Ways Technology is Making Moving Easier

Basic technology assists the tasks involved with moving; learn how here.

The Best Cell Phones, Plans, and Accessories for Seniors

If a new phone or plan is required to take full advantage of available technology, you’ll want to first find the phones, plans, and accessories that are best suited for seniors.

9 Things to Consider When Relocating an Aging Loved One

Learn some important factors to consider in order to make the move as painless as possible.

Assisted Living Facilities in Orlando

Learn more about assisted living facilities in and around Orlando.

Even if full-service movers are out of the budget, downsizing can be a relatively painless task. From swapping the yard sale for online marketplaces to hiring movers from your smartphone, there’s no shortage of ways that technology can make your move easier. The best part: Many of the top moving apps and resources are 100 percent free. Faster, easier, and cheaper? What more could you ask for? Take advantage of these tools and enjoy your simplified move.

Written by Andy Hughes from Vizzi


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